#TBT Case of the Month: Creating a Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day


So often it’s special events that make our patients prioritize their oral health and seek that perfect smile. It’s an extra honor to create smiles that give patients more confidence for their weddings or other precious moments.

In this case, Dr. Estep lets us into her dental process and explains how she handles the pressure of patient expectations. She’s very focused on the subjective patient experience and how their preferences for a perfect smile can guide treatment options. Keep reading to get her take on restorations:

Case #25: A Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day

perfect smile for a perfect day case of the monthClinician: Dr. Susan Estep, Atlanta, GA

Patient Background

My patient was raised in Poland and this was where all of her existing dentistry had been completed. She wasn’t satisfied with her teeth and wanted to have a nice smile before her wedding. Her smile needed to be vibrant while addressing her discoloration, wear, and rotation.

Treatment Planning

We treatment planned teeth #3-13. Then, we utilized a wax-up for patient communication and, most importantly, functional, beautiful provisionals. As part of my aesthetic experience, I insist that my patients wear their temporaries to test the subjective appearance, toleration of length and shade. Two weeks after her preparation we finalized the design before prescribing permanent restorations.

Final Case Results & Patient Satisfaction

The Gold Dust aesthetic team did an amazing job fabricating these restorations out of IPS Empress. My patient is thrilled with her smile. She sent wedding photos and a thank you letter to me and my team. She says she used to dread having her picture taken. For the first time, she had so much fun in front of the camera on her big day.

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