Get the Most Value From Your Dental Hygienists

get value from educating your dental hygienists

Dental hygienists are the focal point of a thriving practice for many reasons. One of the most important is that a hygienist has more opportunity to develop deeper relationships with patients. The dentist may not always have room in their schedule to take that extra step into learning more about the patient’s needs.

How can you get hygienists comfortable with developing these relationships if they seem hesitant? Read on:

Tips for Enhancing the Role of Hygienists

get value from educating dental hygienists Having your hygienists take on a much more active role toward promoting and encouraging treatment requires some patience. One of the simplest ways to do so is by providing them with a cosmetic treatment yourself. You’ll take them through the process of your personalized care so that they have a firsthand account.

This confers multiple advantages. First, you’re making your team member feel extremely valued and likely increasing their love for dentistry. Second, they’re getting a direct sense of your style and attentiveness. That means they can talk you up to patients without even blinking. What they share will come from their personal experience and therefore be especially genuine.

Also, they will be a literal walking advertisement for the quality of your services. Patients will be impressed by their hygienist’s smile and might even inquire how that smile got to where it is.

Empower hygienists to talk openly about the ins and outs of restorative or cosmetic dentistry with confidence and ease. This might involve some continuing education of their own or mentorship you offer. They’ll be excited to ramp up practice success and provide patients with the information they need to consider treatment.

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How do you ensure your team members are getting the best education and fulfillment from their work? We’d love to know your tips or advice for other Gold Dust readers!   

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