Case of the Month: The Team Approach to Stunning Smiles and Ideal Function

A team effort made this a successful case.

When a case combines aesthetic and functional needs, the team approach to treatment is essential to success.

Case #4: A Solid Team, Comprehensive Treatment, and Ideal Lab Techniques

Dr. Paul Biederman made this case a true team effort.Clinician: Dr. Paul Biederman, Anchorage, AK

With old failing restorations a significant reverse smile line, and lack of anterior guidance, patient Linda pursued treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Dr. Paul Biederman, of Anchorage, Alaska created a comprehensive treatment plan that addressed the functional occlusion issues. With the expertise of Gold Dust Dental Lab, ideal aesthetics were also achieved.

Case of the Month Team Effort Patient Before and After

Before and After

Dr. Biederman prepared Linda’s teeth for 10 maxillary Empress Esthetic porcelain restorations and restored 2 mandibular canines with E.max to re-establish anterior guidance.

A team effort made this a successful case.

Before and After

With the artistic talent of Gold Dust’s aesthetic team led by Rob Maatta, the results achieved were superb. This smile design and collaborative approach shows our ability to make each doctor’s vision a reality.

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