Beautiful results were achieved with this case!

Case of the Month: Train Wreck Cases and Restoring Function First for Beautiful Results

Some cases can be easily classified as train wrecks when they appear at our dental practices. Restoring function is even more satisfying in these situations. Case #6: Restoring Function in a Case of Massive Erosion and Wear Clinician: Dr. Mary Viechnicki, Allentown, PA A 38-year-old patient presented with dentition destroyed by massive erosion and wear. Extreme sensitivity […]

Conservation was one of the main goals of this case.

Case of the Month: Conservation Personified with Minimal Prep Veneers

Conservation is a pillar of sound, dependable dentistry. It enables us to preserve tooth structure and provide ideal treatment to patients. Case #5: Minimal Prep Veneers Lead to Successful Conservation Treatment Clinician: Dr. David Hornbrook, La Mesa, CA A 19-year-old woman presented to Dr. Hornbrook’s practice with the desire to improve the appearance of her smile. […]

A team effort made this a successful case.

Case of the Month: The Team Approach to Stunning Smiles and Ideal Function

When a case combines aesthetic and functional needs, the team approach to treatment is essential to success. Case #4: A Solid Team, Comprehensive Treatment, and Ideal Lab Techniques Clinician: Dr. Paul Biederman, Anchorage, AK With old failing restorations a significant reverse smile line, and lack of anterior guidance, patient Linda pursued treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons. […]

Scaler Technique Patient Pre-Op

Case of the Month: Prep Successfully With Your Scaler

Ingenuity is the name of the game for one doctor’s approach to prep design with a scaler.  Read on to get the inside scoop on a unique Case of the Month. We love how Dr. Creasman managed to avoid compromising aesthetics, strength, and longevity. Case #2: Prep With Your Scaler – No Burs, No Anesthetic Minimal […]