#TBT Case of the Month: On the Road to Rehabilitation

A full-mouth rehabilitation involves the entire dental team. That means coordination through a variety of different communication channels, including lab scripts, phone calls, digital scans, etc. Getting it right is all about how well you can clarify your case expectations. On the blog, we’ve talked at length about patient communication and lab communication. Both are essential […]

lab script veneers

How to Construct the Ideal Lab Script for Veneers

Veneers require their own set of particular methods that are unique to every dentist. Working with the lab on anterior ceramic cases is all about successfully communicating your goals and what you hope to achieve. Ultimately, a superior result is directly correlated to how well the lab understands your intentions. This is where the lab […]

Educating Your Dental Staff Team

Why Your Dental Staff Team Needs Continuing Education Too

It’s easy to think of our dental practice staff as extensions of our own skill set and interests, rather than as separate entities who need their own internal motivation. If we don’t continuously educate team members, they may lose sight of their purpose. by Dr. Eric Farmer  The Value of Educating Your Dental Staff Team Team […]